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growing up is frightening and stressful

I needed to vent, but I didn't want to bother my friends with my whining because this is the same old story we tell each other all the time and it's grown boring.

I'm starting my second year of graduate school in August, which means my thesis prospectus (something that seems terribly unnecessary and silly to everyone) is due soon.  I'm nearly done, but it still has to approved by the committee and I have so many questions that are not answered in the guidelines.  Have I mentioned that I go to a shit school that I regret attending?  I'm only staying because I've made a few connections in the area and my subject of study is ten minutes away.  Honestly, I want to be done so I can hurry up and apply to a PhD program because the university comes under question.  Just one more year.

Ah, but that doesn't matter.  Right now, the thing to worry about is funding for research because of course, this school doesn't fund research.  *eye roll*  I'm also looking for a new job right now because I quit my old one at the university because I thought I was going to go on a murderous rampage.  I cannot work with only women and people who don't understand technology in a kind of technology heavy field.  I just don't understand that place and it drove me crazy.  It even got in the way of my school work because I worked there pretty much all day, but continued to take a full course load.  It was a terrible time.

I'll stop there because I hate whining on the internet more than I hate whining to my friends.
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