life_goes_on9 (life_goes_on9) wrote,

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a god.

The god was bored and lonely, with only the grand abyss to keep him company.

So, he created the angels, but they were not enough.

They were just puppets.

So, he created animals, but they were not enough.

They were not interested in the god and they were not entertaining.

One day, man appeared.

The humans were entertaining in their struggle, so, the god kept them.

They built structures and wept when they fell.

The god watched them grow, destroyed their lands, and sometimes gifted them with blessings.

The god enjoyed his creations for a time, but the god grew bored again.

The angels stayed the same, the animals stayed the same, and the humans stayed the same.

The humans were destructive and ungrateful.

The animals still cared not for their god.

The angels stayed loyal and followed commands.

So, the god left.

Perhaps there were adventures elsewhere.

Without the god to lead them, the angels became warped and twisted, angry because they were abandoned.

Without a hand to guide them, the humans nearly fell to ruin.

Once upon a time, a ragtag group formed to save the world.

They fought, and stumbled, and fell.

So, the god returned.

A/N: I've only watched snippets of the most recent season, so please don't drag me for being incorrect about whatever God did. Also, head canon. I tried to post this on, but it wasn't accepting my edits. Friday the 13th bug or just me being incompetent?

I finally wrote something without Jess!

There should be an "Oh, Chuck" community because I don't know where to post this.
Tags: fanfic, supernatural

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