life_goes_on9 (life_goes_on9) wrote,

Just Getting It Out

And she was beautiful.

She illuminated places that had never seen the light.

She is guilty

She hated him. She pitied him.

But she was beautiful, and, for the moment, so pure.

He would never match her. She was Esmerelda and he was Quasimodo.

He loved her. He would not abandon her. He would not hurt her.

She will kill you

"Misa, would you like some cake?"

I didn't like Sweeney Todd, any of the versions, but "The Barber and His Wife" has been stuck in my head for days. No idea why, but this is my fix. I don't even like Misa...
It was terrible, I know, but I had to get the song out of my head.
Tags: death note, fanfic

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