life_goes_on9 (life_goes_on9) wrote,

A Hundred Years to a Steadfast Heart

Summary:  Part 2/3 of my awkward, love-at-first-sight Jess series.  I love Sleeping Beauty, if you can't tell.

The days slide by, the months pass, and Sam and I have been living together for half a year.  We're both juniors this year and life is busy, but life is good.

My Sam is a little more broken than I thought he was.  He's a little sadder, a little more secretive than expected.  I know he has a brother, and a father, and a man named Bobby, who I think is his uncle.  Sometimes, not nearly often enough, I can get him to speak about his brother.  Dan?  I don't know, he never says his name out loud when he's awake.  He only says "my big brother" or "the big jerk".  I wonder if I'll ever meet them.  His leaving for college doesn't sound like it went over well with them.

Anyway, Sam's a sad puppy half the time, but that's okay; I'll keep him sane, at least I'll try.  Work and classes usually keep him distracted enough, but sometimes, especially in November, he gets despondant.  I don't know what happened and he won't speak about it.  He also won't let me celebrate his birthday.  No idea what that's about, but I make sure we celebrate doubly hard on my birthdays.

The years since I've know Sam passed as if they were but a day.  We don't speak of love, but I know he loves me, and I love him. Love.  I think the idea makes Sam nervous.  I'll wait.

Two years and four months into knowing each other, I finally hear the words I've been waiting for.  "I'm happy," he says, like it's not big deal.  He obviously didn't know the importance of his happiness.  That's okay.  He's cute, he can be clueless.  He just can't be clueless in the courtroom.

Sam has been applying to law schools for months now and he's finally hearing back from some.  We both applied to Stanford for our continued schooling and I hope we'll both be accepted.  I've already had my interview for the graduate program in the English department.  Sam's interview is in just a few days.  It's all so nerve-wrecking.  We've both been so nervous that I think we're driving each other crazy.  I think I'm seeing things, I could have sworn I saw Brady yesterday.

I woke up to thuds and Sam's voice in the middle of the night.

Who is this little man in my apartment?!
Tags: fanfic, jess, sam, supernatural

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