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Fic: Old as Time

I rediscovered one of my favorite songs this week; "Steal His Heart" by Emily and The Woods.

I felt Jess in it and I couldn't get the first line and the last line of this fic out of my head.  The last is borrowed from the song.  It’s short, but I hope to make it into a “Let’s travel into Jess’ head” series.  Hope you enjoy.

Summary:  It was a tale as old as time.  Girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, but sometimes the characters fall off the usual path.  Part 1/??

I know it's cliche, but I think I've fallen for the guy in the corner.  This tall, dark stranger is keeping me up.  I've seen him before, in a class or two, and sometimes in the cafe; scrolling through the news.

He may have stolen my heart, but I don't know his name and I think that's part of the game.

I “accidentally” slammed into him on the way to class, hoping to finally get his name.  Instead, I didn’t even see his eyes that he hid behind his bangs and a rushed “I’m sorry.”  I’ll try something new tomorrow.

Tomorrow turned into a month when I spilled some coffee on the floor in front of him.  A real accident this time.  I was graced with a smile and name.  Sam.  My tall, dark stranger is a cutie with dimples and a big smile named Sam.  A puppy name to go with that puppy face of his.

Things are going to change.

We meet for lunch at least once a week now, and sometimes I can talk him into dinner and studying at my apartment.  Rare, but growing less rare every week.

He’s become a regular at the apartment; my roommate definitely thinks we’re a couple.  I think that would be nice.  Too bad I can’t even get him to laugh.  Maybe I can steal his heart.

I saw him last week, laughing with Brady.  I nearly cried when I saw both of those caverns he calls dimples.  He threw his head back, fluffy hair flying everywhere, and laughed.  I don’t think I own my heart anymore.

A month later, the stars finally aligned in my favor.  I told him the story of my parents meeting.  His nose twitched when I started the story, but then squinted with laughter when the story ended with my father falling on his face in the sand.

My Sam-that’s what I call him now, moved in two months later when Brady disappeared on a week long bender.  Sort of a disappointment; I liked Brady, but I get Sam all the time now.  It feels as if I’ve just started to live.  I don’t want this to end.

Now I have lived, I might as well die

Tags: fanfic, jess, supernatural

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